28 July 2008

Whither El Pescadito?

For years, Carlos Ruiz has been the poster child for “MLS Bad Boy”. Not only has he been a prolific goal scorer but he has earned his nickname of El Pescadito through his theatrical flopping about on the field. To add to his reputation as a “MLS Bad Boy”, Ruiz has cultivated a poor attitude and learned all the best ways to cheap shot opponents when the referee is not paying attention. However, MLS Rumors Rumors has received word that Ruiz is upset at his loss of status in favor of the new “MLS Bad Boy”, Cuauhtemoc Blanco. According to sources close to the Guatemalan striker, Ruiz feels ignored by the league and the fans. He believes the beating administered by Ricardo Clark got out the collective frustrations of MLS fans and officials and now he is in danger of being a has-been pest. Mexican Blanco’s antics during MLS games and at the US Open Cup match in Germantown, Maryland against DC United, has left Carlos Ruiz far behind in the running for “MLS Bad Boy”. MLS Rumors Rumors has learned that Ruiz hopes to step up his bad attitude and reclaim his mantle.

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