19 December 2008

Good Festivus To All

Yes, we've been slacking lately. Hey, it's the offseason, what're you gonna do?

In the spirit of Festivus, though, we're going to do a little airing of grievances. Feel free to add your own in the comments. I'm gonna start with some of mine:

Mayor Fenty: thanks for combining with the economic collapse to kill off any DC United stadium deal for another five years or so. Jerk.

Jay Heaps: you're a hack. Duke sucks.

SuperLiga: Really? I mean...really?

Ben Olsen's ankles: come on, is one more year really too much to ask of you?

InBev: enjoy the non-exclusive (Budvar sez "suck it") global marketing rights to Budweiser while you're in receivership from all that debt you took on to buy A-B. Suckers.