23 September 2009

Investigation: End of MLS Playoffs?

MLS Rumors² is tracking down news that could fundamentally affect the results of this Major League Soccer season. We have it on some authority that Don Garber and company are considering cancelling the playoffs. According to one anonymous source, Don has said:
Look, we are still on the fence about this playoff thing. We had them early on in the league and then decided to cancel them from 2000 through 2002. In 2003, we brought them back but we are again reassessing the need.

Our crack reporters will stay on top of this developing story.

Breaking News: US to return to Saprissa?

You heard it hear first. Yep, when this gets announced, you can tell all your friends and colleagues and even that pretty girl down the cube farm, that you get all your prime news from MLS Rumors². If it turns out to be false, well, blame our sources...

With Goff's report about US Soccer monitoring the situation in Honduras for the October 10 qualifier, we decided to talk with our sources. Some in the super dangerous Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington "Danger Town" DC report that Costa Rica's Saprissa stadium would be a good alternate location. They cited the fact that the US has never won in the Monster's Cave and that Honduras would really like to win this match. Not only that but some think that Costa Rica "owes" Honduras for hosting their deposed President after the military coup this spring.

The question is would the US object to the relocation in favor of a more successful environment like Barbados...