29 July 2008

Vow of Silence?

According to the word on the street, Tom Soehn refused to answer any questions at practice today. While the average journalist might think that he was just avoiding the press, those of us over here at MLS Rumors Rumors suspected more. Based on our conversations with at least several people that have an interest, we have learned that Tommy has probably taken a vow of silence. One of our sources suggested that Coach Soehn could have said, "look, I've yelled, I've cajoled, I've begged, I've berated, I've succoured, I've pleaded, I've whispered, I've had every single type of verbal communication possible with this team. And you saw Wednesday how they rewarded my efforts. So, after this, I'm taking a vow of silence and won't talk until we get this team back on track!" We here at MLS Rumors Rumors are unsure where this leaves the team. How expansive is Tom Soehn's vow of silence? Will he talk to his wife? Will he talk to "the brain trust"? Will he talk to the police officer that pulls him over for speeding? Inquiring minds are mildly interested, so be assured that those of us at MLS Rumors Rumors are going to get to the bottom of this mystery.

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