30 July 2008

OUTGOING: bobbyboswell.com to chelseafc.com [UPDATED]

Rating: 3.5 (B+)

MLS Rumors Rumors has learned that Chelsea have tendered a £2 million (approx. $4 million U.S.) offer to MLS for the rights to bobbyboswell.com. An unpaid intern working at Stamford Bridge sent us the following draft press release:
Chelsea Football Club is delighted to confirm that bobbyboswell.com will become a subsection of the club's new website from August 1, 2008.

Bobbyboswell.com has great qualities. It is one of the world's top vanity websites, with a record of self-promotion and scoring chicks in two major metropolitan areas. The site gets the best out of a halfway decent looking player, and its ambitions and expectations match ours. It was the outstanding choice.

Out of respect for its current role promoting a Major League Soccer defender, who remains under contract to MLS, and to ensure minimum disruption to that player's work with Dinamo Houston, there will be no further comment from Chelsea FC nor from bobbyboswell.com about its new role until its employment with us commences.

Bobbyboswell.com issued to following statement when asked to comment on the situation:
We are unable to comment on these rumors at this time. We are currently working on capitalizing on Bobby's man-of-the-match performance against Pachuca. Once we leverage that into some hot action with a few smokin' Chivas fans, we will turn our attention to other matters.

(Pictured: some of bobbyboswell.com's successes)

UPDATE: Within minutes of the original post, bobbyboswell.com was replaced by a "Database Error," sparking further speculation that a deal is in the works.

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