28 July 2008

OUTGOING: Zach Wells, 100 Pupusas to Norwegian Side Ham-Kam (DONE DEAL)

MLS Rumors Rumors just received the following email from a Norwegian-based source who claims to have heard directly from a contact at Irene's Pupusas, the pupuseria chosen to provide Ham-Kam with the tasty Salvadoran treats:

"I wish to be anonymous but I can tell you having had direct contact with Irene at Irene's Pupuseria in Wheaton, I can tell you that Wells is now a member of Ham-Kam, at least on paper. DC United offered 100 pupusas as an incentive to convince Ham-Kam to take Wells off their hands. The deal is pretty much done and Wells and the case of pupusas should be introduced by the Ham-Kam sometime this week, most likely Wednesday, possibly Thursday. However please realize that there may be a delay before the pupusas can be eaten, as they will need to be re-heated. "
The move triggered further speculation that a move to the Maryland suburbs is in the works for DC United. Despite the presence of numerous pupuserias in the District, team officials apparently turned to Irene's, located in Montgomery County, for the deal. "It looks like Victor and Will are trying to get MoCo into the mix, perhaps to help push PG [County] along in the bidding for a new stadium," said Washington Post columnist Marc "Raw" Fisher. "I can only pray that both counties wake up to the certain doom building a soccer stadium would spell to their very ways of life, before it's too late. For the love of god, we cannot afford another Frisco!"

District Mayor Andrian Fenty could not be reached for comment.

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