05 August 2008

Michael Bolton Hacks MLS GOTW, Screws Up Mundane Detail [UPDATED]

He's well known for the time he put a decimal point in the wrong place, thereby screwing up a "round the fractions of a cent off" scheme, and nearly landing himself in Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison. Today, Initrode software engineer Michael Bolton is up to his old tricks - he's hacked the MLS Sierra Mist Goal of the Week™ poll, but a misplaced decimal point has resulted in a 100% tally for San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Arturo Alvarez.

Particularly embarrassing for Bolton is the fact that the Houston resident was actually attempting to fix the poll in favor of the Dynamo's Brad Davis.

Bolton's handiwork, poorly captured by someone who is most definitely *not* a software engineer. cribbed from PedroUnited on BigSoccer - thanks for the improved image, my man!

UPDATE: Looks like MLS Rumors²'s hard-hitting journalism has forced the fat cats in the league office into action, and the poll is back to its status quo: being gently rigged by the far more nuanced scripts of DC United supporters.


PedroUnited said...

haha, excellent Office Space reference. Happy to help out

Agent 009 said...

that's my stapler