06 August 2008

BigSoccer Posters Defend Bizarre Split Allegiances

Janus: Official God of BigSoccer?

Recently, MLS Rumors² contacted several BigSoccer posters with seemingly conflicting team loyalties to try to unlock the key to this rather widespread phenomenon.

We started with MadridandBarcaLover:
MLS Rumors²: So, what gives? Looks like you support two blood rivals...the team of Franco and the symbol of Catalunyan independence...so, uh, how's that work, exactly?

what are you, teh ghey? They're, like, both in Spain. When I was 15, I went to Spain on vacay, and, like, totally visited Barcelona and Madrid. I, like, got totally hammered all over that country, but, like, it was the best in Barcelona and Madrid...so, like, yeah.

MLS Rumors²: Uh...okay.

Then it was on to Revs4Evah, who lists as her favorite clubs DC United, PhillyMLS, and Seattle.

MLS Rumors²: Okay, you're screen name is "Revs4Evah," yet the Revs don't even show up as one of your favorite teams. What's up with that?

Revs4Evah: My cousin had a tryout with the Revs once, and he, like, almost made the team, so I was all, yay!!!1!1!!! Revs4Evah! But then, like, I moved from Philly to Seattle, and, like, DC United had Bobby Boswell, so, like, yay!

MLS Rumors²: um...'kay...

Next up, YankiDood, who lists Fulham, Reading, Watford, Derby, Aston Villa and Everton.

MLS Rumors²: Let me start by saying, "I get it," alright...but seriously, "dood," how are you any better than those fanboys who only show up to MLS games when someone from their home country is playing, and then only to cheer for whatever team that player happens to be playing for at the time?

You mean people actually *watch* MLS? Whatever...anyway, I've gotta run, there's a Coca Cola Championship preview on Gol TV in, like, two minutes.

Last up was RangerBhoy14:

MLS Rumors²: Wow, so...I mean...wow...never mind.

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