24 April 2010

Latest: DC United Staff to Run for Office

After getting rebuffed at every turn by the DC council and mayor, DC United has decided to take a new tack to get their stadium built in the District. They are running for office!

We are being informed that several DC staff members, including Kevin Payne, Dave Kasper, Stephen Zack, and others will be launching bids to become the next mayor and DC council. Each staffer has moved into the District and now live in the various wards across the city. Coordinating the entire process will be future mayor Kevin Payne.

“Lobbying and negotiating with politicians is for suckers! Those backstabbing, money-grubbing, popularity seeking pols just want to use us. We are going to take our efforts to the next level. When I am mayor and my staff are the DC Council, you’ll see how fast we get our stadium done. You’ll see DC United raised to the proper level in the District. It will be Power to the People and a New Era of Enlightenment will be upon us. Our sport has been banned by Kings and Mayors because they fear the freedom and liberty we embody on the field and in the stands. DC United to elected DC United!”

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