22 April 2010

MLS Loses 2000 – 2003 Records for DC United

As part of the shambolic re-design of the MLS website, MLS executives have discovered that all records concerning DC United have been lost from the 2000 through the 2003 seasons. According to our sources close to sources that know of places in New York, where the MLS executives might have had a drink or two, MLS approached DC United about the missing records but failed to secure them because no one at DC United or amongst the fans can remember the missing seasons.

Could this be a picture from the mythical 2003 Season?

"Look, I’d like to be able to remember those times. I know that we had a couple coaches and picked up some players and I can only assume that we played a few matches, but really, I have no recall of that time.” Stated one fan on condition of anonymity, citing the burden this amnesia has placed upon his friends and family.

MLS has resolved to piece together the past using records kept by other teams. They are also considering counseling for DC United staff and fans to see if they just have a mental block in trying to remember those seasons.

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dadman said...

Ah, if only the current United could find those records, maybe they'd abandon their plans to recreate the 2000-03 season this year.