23 April 2010

Transfers: Post World Cup Invasion!

After the World Cup, expect a flood of talent to come to the United States and inundate the MLS with new and established stars. Why? Well, with the next World Cup four years away, a lot of players are looking for a couple of years of strong earnings and easy play. Afterall, David Beckham’s contract allowed him to get percentages on jersey sales and other image rights. Most of the top players in the world have an entourage as savvy as the Englishman and are looking to exploit the post-World Cup down time to rake in the bucks.

Here are a few players that we believe could be making the trip across the Pond. Surprising? Yes, but we’ve envisioned reasonable reasons for them to be the next big signing in MLS:

Messi: After winning the World Cup with Argentina, he wants to prove that he is even a bigger star than Pele. By coming to MLS and generating more buzz than Pele’s arrival at the Cosmos, Messi will secure his place among the greats, if not the greatest footballer of all time.

Christian Ronaldo: He’s followed David Beckham wherever he has gone. Why not the US?

Cesc Fabregas: Seeking to escape from the yearly tabloid tug of war between Arsenal and Barcelona, the midfielder would like to try his hand out in MLS. He is also more likely to come across the Pond if Messi comes here, in order to prove that he [Cesc] is in fact the best Barcelona prospect ever.

Michael Essien: Face it, England is cold, very cold. Essien’s from Africa, which is not cold. He knows that we play in the heat and he wants some of that. Not only that but how could he resist the lure of the country that brought the world Freddy Adu?

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered the site. Love it! Catches the tone and idiocy of that other site very well.

Revelation said...

Glad you like it. Although, I am curious as to the other site you reference? There is only one site! One site to offend them all! One site to tweak them! One site to bring them all and in the rumors bind them!

Perhaps that was too geeky...