26 April 2010

Breaking: Bob Bradley Wooed for World Cup Spots

Bob Bradley’s house is starting to look like a mad florists shop. Chocolate hearts and flower bouquets are showing up every day from players, agents, and coaches all wanting to curry favor with the National Team coach on the eve of the team announcement for the World Cup. According to our inside source, who knows someone that met someone who heard from someone that saw Bradley’s favorite contractor at 31 Flavors, all this affection has Bob Bradley in an unusually chipper mood.

“Who doesn’t like getting chocolate hearts and flower? I feel like the Prom Queen and Homecoming Queen for every high school across the country. But some of the guys are really overdoing it. I’ve got a young former prodigy’s mom sending me a bouquet of flowers every day. That is nothing compared to the daily gift baskets of fruits and nuts that I’m getting from some guy based in England that is apologizing for deleting my phone number out of his cell – I forget his name.”

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