01 May 2010

RUMOR: EA to include "MLS Ref" setting in FIFA 2011

REDWOOD CITY, CA May 1 2010:

MLS Rumors Rumors has learned of the latest innovation from EA Sports. According to an EA game tester who we got wasted on Jager bombs last night, the pioneering gaming company will add an "MLS Ref" setting to its FIFA gaming franchise's 2011 edition.

"'S'like, gonna be gnarly, brah! No matter what league yer playin' in, you click 'MLS Ref', and every match, you get a randomly assigned MLS ref. Totally fucks you up, man! Imagine, your, like, playin' Arsenal, and your takin' on fuckin' Spurs, right? And all of a sudden, there's Terry Vaughn calling back a goal for offsides...only it was on a fucking throw-in! Or you have Barcelona versus Manchester United in the Champion's League final and Barca have a two goal lead - then Abbey Okulaja awards Manchester United two penalty kicks out of nowhere! It will just make it all more exciting."

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