27 April 2010

Breaking: Philadelphia Union not Together on Cheesesteak Issue

Apparently, all is not well in the locker room of the expansion team. Although their on-field situation is expected for an expansion team trying to get their feet, the team has been divided off-the-field over an issue critical to Philadelphia. They are divided over the issue of cheesesteaks. Half the team favors Pat’s and the other Geno’s.

Although our source, who knows bartenders in Philadelphia, did not have names, it was clear that the rift is deep and bitter. There have been heated arguments in the locker room and on the training ground. One wonders if the team will self-destruct and break apart over this crisis. Additionally, there appears to be a second rift between the choice of cheese, but our source did not know more about these splinter groups.

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dadman said...

You know there are going to be problems in Philly when the head coach favor kielbasa over cheesesteaks at any and all meals (and between-meal snacks).