24 July 2008

RUMOR: DC-Houston in St. Louis in 2009?

Rating: 5 (Check it, it's gold...You know what, yegg? I believe you.)

With Commissioner Garber set to hold a press conference this afternoon morning [ed: what can I say...see previous post re: hangovers], MLS Rumors Rumors has learned that he plans to announce a bombshell: In order to avoid further bad mojo related to next year's Houston-at-DC fixture, the league will be moving the match to St. Louis. "The match will serve as a measure of St. Louis' interest in an MLS expansion franchise," said Bill the Beerman, who is close friends with Sammy the Stocker, who stocks the beer and sodas in the suite used by Commissioner Garber when he attends matches at RFK Stadium. "The Commish' really thinks they're ready. He's especially impressed that they've already got their own supporters' group, the Sons of Lindbergh. They're supposed to be even more hardcore than the Kolumbus Krew Kids."

(Pictured: The Sons of Lindbergh at a recent pep rally promoting St. Louis as a possible MLS expansion city.)

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