22 July 2008

OUTGOING: Donovan to Scunthorpe?

Rating: 5 (Hella Tight)

Rumors are swirling over reports that Landon Donovan may be heading to Merry Old Engerland, possibly as early as tonight!

Well, brace yourselves, because we here at MLS Rumors Rumors have learned that MLS Rumors is about to report a rumor that Donovan is rumored to be on the verge of signing a deal to transfer to League 1 power Scunthorpe United!

"I googled Landon's name, and I kept getting hits linking him to a word that looked an awful lot like Scunthorpe," said our source. "I'm pretty sure it's some sort of contraction or abbreviation. Anyways, there were so many hits that I'm almost positive it's a done deal."

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