22 July 2008

MLS Rumors Rumors Takeover?

This just in. The Onion wants to take over the newest blog sensation MLS Rumors Rumors. According to information gathered hanging around in front of the Washington Post Building on 15th street, there are clear indications that this is likely. (For those that don't know, The Onion already owns the Washington Post and uses that outlet for its more mainstream stories, reserving the best articles for their own publication.) Word on the street is that The Onion wants to be the leader in News that is fair and balanced and accurate, thus toppling the Rupert Murdoch empire build upon the two pillars of fair and balanced.

Said an insider on the strategic planning session, "Look, they've only got two ideas in their tag line, we'll have three! Three is more than two so we will win!"


dadman said...

You need to change the tense in re Fox News vs Onion/WaPo.

It should be, "We have won."

no such animal said...

Are they buying you out to stop you from recycling their old bits?