13 May 2010

Unsurprising: Red Bull New York Red Bulls of Harrison, New Jersey Location Confuses Fans

Where is it? That is what Red Bull New York Red Bulls Fans of Harrison, New Jersey are saying about the new state of the art facility. Apparently, they are staying away in droves because they simply cannot find the stadium and are confused if they should be driving to New York or New Jersey.

One fan claimed, “I’ve been to the Newark area before. It was like run down warehouse, abandoned building, gas station, ratty old shop, and then I got car jacked. I only go there to get the airport and in those situations, I hire Brinks Security to run me out there.”

Said another lost fan: “Are they New York or Harrison, New Jersey? I get so confused with their name. Ever since that New York – New Jersey thing back in 1996, I’m just not sure where they are. I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t ever have to cross the river.”

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