12 May 2010

Rumor: Red Bulls’ Market Research Study Rejects New Flavor

Sources that have seen Red Bull are aware that perhaps the company has been experimenting with new flavors. In an ever saturated “energy drink” market, Red Bull’s limitation of a single flavor has been a hindrance to exploding into the pre-toddler market. Rumors abound that Red Bull corporate has been looking to co-brand their new flavors for each of their football, skiing, racing, and extreme sports teams. However, while Red Bulls Salzburg, Austria has been market tested to great enjoyment, we have heard that Red Bull New York Red Bulls of Harrison, New Jersey has not won any fans in testing.

“It sort of looks ok on the outside but once you drink it. Man, I couldn’t tell if the initial shockingly bad taste was worse than the lingering horrid aftertaste. It was putrid. The flavor almost tries to get you to drink other energy drinks just to get that taste out of your mouth.”

According to company spokesmen, who probably said nothing on the issue,
“We tried to capture the essence of our Red Bull New York franchise. We look at this product in the New York region and say, we need to build more awareness in the marketplace. The new flavor would ideally provide drinkers with a good sense of their future experiences at Red Bull Arena in the New York region. We are looking to perhaps introduce some European influence into the current formulation to make it a more favorable experience for our future fans.”

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