14 May 2010

Breaking: Tabloid Touts Transfer for Thierry

That's right, The Sun, the hallmark of integrity and truth, is bringing us the news that Thierry Henry has his bags packed and his ticket bought for a trip to play for the Red Bull New York Red Bulls of Harrison, New Jersey. Of course, this does leave a some questions: how can a story about a rumored "pre-contract" hold the truth when they cannot even get the easily verifiable facts correct. Among the factual errors, Thierry Henry scored 226 goals for the Gunners instead of the reported 174 (which doesn't even match the 184 scored by everyone's hero Ian Wright). Basics people, basics... How soon is Thierry Henry to arrive? Will he bring others? How did this blind squirrel find this nut?

And here we thought that the Internationally renowned and respected and most positively the best football news site MLS Rumors Rumors had the monopoly on half-truths, lies, and general satire.

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