03 May 2010

Latest: FDA to Ban Houston’s Kit?

Sources aware of the FDA and their regulatory power speculate that the FDA may be considering placing a warning label on the Houston Dynamo’s kits. The dyes used to make the kits are reportedly potentially dangerous and include various reds and yellows that could cause untold damage to retinas around the country. While the Houston Dynamo have been around for a few years, the FDA has just recently become aware of post-marketing long-term study data that may show a link between retinal damage and the Houston Dynamo.

An FDA spokesperson would probably say,
“Look, these safety issues take time. We did not get nice long-term data before market approval of the kits. We requested and the Houston Dynamo provided a nice post-marketing study reporting adverse events. Remember it took years for us to identify the safety signals with compounds such as Vioxx, Fen-phen, and others, you cannot expect us to do our homework before it is assigned. We are now evaluating our obligations and the dangers to the public over these hideous kits.”


Anonymous said...

Wearing the kits may cause you to be a perennial winner in the MLS.

Revelation said...

Really? Is that what you are bringing to the table, an anonymous comment in reference to your success? You do know that you have as many MLS Cups as the San Jose Earthquakes? You know, just saying...