05 May 2010

Breaking: MLS to Award Style Points

Apropos of recent comments to the media, we have learned from e-mails being sent around the league’s competition committee of a pending dramatic change in how the standings will be determined. The league will hire three judge panels for each match and will award points based on style.

“This is just the most logical move for our product. We know that our consumers want to see stylish play over boring 0-0 draws. We will be rewarding teams that play ‘the beautiful game’. It is what the consumers want from our product.”

As we understand it, each judge will be awarding points based on the number of passes, step-overs, Cruyff-turns, dekes, fakes, and nutmegs. Each team will have points deducted for fouls and turnovers. The three judges will then present their final scores based on a 10 point scale. The team with the most points will be awarded an extra three points in the standings and get a gold star. A team that does not make the playoffs on points but has more gold stars than everyone else will be given a special honor at the end of the season.

Speculation on who might be the first named judges...

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Anonymous said...

Here here. It is about time that they award style points. This will definitely increase interest in the league, oh my yes great stuff right up there with those thingamajigs that they used to end tie games, a shout-outs. Now all the teams in this league need to do is find style in the first place. - Clueless in Takoma