29 July 2009

RUMOR: Seattle, Toronto to Form Breakaway League

Goodbye MLS, Hello PMS?

SEATTLE, 29 July 2009: MLS Rumors² has received word from a local bartender/part-time hairdresser that Seattle Sounders FC and Toronto FC are on the verge of breaking away from MLS to start a new "Premier Major Soccer" league. According to our source:
I was serving appletinis and pints of Poseur's Pale Ale to a bunch of guys from the Sounders front office, and they started bragging about this new league their gonna form. This one guy was all, "The rest of the league is just a f'ing joke, man. They're really dragging our whole organization down. As soon as TFC commits to expanding their stadium, we're gonna split off from the MLS and form the PMS. Maybe we'll add Philly, Portland, and Vancouver as expansion teams in a year or two. The PMS will be massive. We don't want the MLS to ride the coattails of our success." I asked him if Seattle would still participate in the U.S. Open Cup, and he was like, "Only if the USSF will send us a formal letter of apology for letting DC United host the final this year, and then commit to letting us host every round of all future tournaments. It's only fair."


Anonymous said...


this is the biggest load of horsecrap i've ever read. far-fetched story aside, do you really think the top brass for the sounders would brag about this to a bartender or hairdresser?

sounds like a poor attempt by another Portland fan to make us appear stuck up or selfish.

i'll chalk this up to false until we see something of substance.

EdTheRed said...

Sarcasm detector FAIL.

Obtuse WIN.

Anonymous said...

not a bad idea actually. they could add a Cosmos team & montreal. did anonymous #1 confuse this site with another?

Agent 009 said...

Mr. Anonymous, clearly you haven't been looking at this site long enough. We have much larger loads of horsecrap available for your perusal.