30 July 2009

Beckham to host handshaking

After all the controversy regarding David Beckham and the LA Galaxy, MLS Rumors Rumors has learned that the superstar, internationally renowned, and argueably the best player to ever put on a soccer shirt will be trying to put all that behind him. Our sources close to the situation (including Beckham's back up to his stand in sideburn stylist) indicate that THE David Beckham wants to host a "Shake my Hand and Feel the Greatness Day".

Mr. Posh Beckham regrets that his ability to shake hands with the Riot Squad members at the stadium has not gone according to plan. He feels slighted that they refused to come out of the stands and shake his hand during the friendly match against AC Milan.
According to some, Beckham had this to say, "I just wanted to shake some hands to say goodbye before I snuck onto the AC Milan bus. However, I don't understand why those guys wouldn't come out of the stands. They must not be real men because I have no problem walking from the pitch to the stands and back, but they claim they are not allowed. Well, Beckham don't play that way!"

The event is likely to take place at the Malibu Beach Club, although date and time have yet to be determined. Additionally, attendees will need to bring their Malibu Beach Club ID cards, or can buy a temporary one-day membership for $100,000.


dadman-san said...

Nice detail there at the end.

It's all about the Ellizabeth IIs

Anonymous said...

first time here....this site is hilarious

Revelation said...

We only print the best truthiness stuff we can find...