20 November 2008

Latest: Kenny Cooper Concerned About Getting Called to National Team

MLS Rumors² staff has found out that Kenny Cooper is in serious jeopardy of loosing his status as Consistently Not Getting Called Up to the National Team. His performance last night against Guatemala in the last World Cup Qualifying match of the Semi-Final round may push him into the category of players that get called up regularly to represent the United States. He was able to score a goal and make several other credible threats in his 76 minute appearance. That he was replaced by Connor Casey does not bode well for his continued status of not getting called up.

"I hope I didn't do too much in the game."

When reached for comment, Cooper just stated that he was worried about his status and hoped that one could see all the deficiencies of his game at the international level. "Look, hanging around the defense and just bullying people out of the way works at the MLS level, but I'm not sure I can translate that to the international level. I mean, those guys were much faster of thought that I am. They read me like a book." Cooper went on to say, "Remember Chris Albright. That guy came into the national team and with his first touch he scored. But where is he now, right back?"

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