20 October 2008

Grading the Expansion Candidates I: Ottawa

Is MLS Heading Back to the Great White North?
Welcome to our new feature! Over the course of the coming week, MLS Rumors² will be grading the seven candidate cities for the next round of MLS expansion! Rather than re-hash the same old factors (ownership group, "soccer tradition", etc.) that all the other websites have already examined (yeah, we were on vacation...), we're taking a look at some factors that matter to us. Each factor is evaluated on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being teh bestest and 1 being teh suck.

First up: Ottawa!

Dining: 3 There's some good food in Ottawa, but it's no Toronto.
Entertainment: 2 Meh.
Site Seeing: 2 Look kids! Peace Tower, Junior Parliament!
"Entertainment": 4 (Rumor has it that there are some quality establishments in the area. MLS Rumors² hasn't the slightest idea what our sources were talking about, but there you have it.
Drinking: 4 Bonus point for the drinking age of 19.
Climate: 4 Remember, MLS is a summer league...where would you rather road trip to in July: Dallas, Houston, DC, or...Ottawa? Think about it.

Final Score: 19 out of a possible 30. Not bad, Ottawa...but will it be good enough? Stay tuned, folks.


dadman said...

I insist on an added bonus point for being able to crib from the Harvard lampoon's classic Bored of the Rings and nick-name the team The Fighting Otto-Wah!

The crest should include a Narc from Fordor or the Ballhog from the Mines of Anrdea Doria.

Rob said...

They should get minus points for being in the same province as a team already in the league.

Anonymous said...

And Chivas and San Jose get by on this logic because...?

Anonymous said...

Should be additional drinking points for Canadian cities for higher alcohol content.