24 October 2008

Grading the Expansion Candidates IV: St. Louis

Ah, St. Louis...Home of the famous Gateway Arch, and the largest Belgian-owned brewery in the United States! Let's get down to it, shall we?

Dining: 3 We're being generous here, because we've actually had some good meals in St. Louis...but we had to look right hard to find them...and we've had some seriously terrible food there, too.
Entertainment: 3 Meh.
Site Seeing: 3 You've got the InBev brewery, and the Cahokia Mounds are nearby (those are really, really cool, actually...even if you do have to go through East St. Louis to get to them), but there's really not a whole lot to see compared to plenty of other cities in North America.
"Entertainment": 2(?) Just guessing here...no first-hand knowledge, no second-hand knowledge, and the city doesn't exactly have a Houston-like reputation for this sort of thing. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments - we're willing to change this score if we're wrong
Drinking: 4 Bonus point for being the home of the official beer sponsor of MLS...even if some members of the MLS Rumors² staff consider Budweiser to be a "beer-like product" and not an actual beer. We also vaguely call buying yards of beer at some random bar down at the Landing...yards are good.
Climate: 3 Meh.

Final Score: 18 out of 30. Meh.

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