23 October 2008

Grading the Expansion Candidates III: Atlanta



I mean...Really!?!

Atlanta? The consensus choice for worst major pro sports city in the U.S.?


Okay, fine, let's do this:

Dining: 3 Nothing special, but some good restaurants all the same.
Entertainment: 3 Again, nothing special.
Site Seeing: 2 This would be a 1, but then we remembered Detroit.
"Entertainment": 4 Bonus point for being the home of the notorious Gold Club.
Drinking: 2 No Sunday sales...and it took Georgia until 2005 to repeal their ridiculous 6% ABV limit on beer (thereby sparing Atlanta a 1 in this category).
Climate: 2 Don't we have enough hot and humid cities in MLS already?

Final Score: 16 out of 30...so yeah, really!?!

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