23 November 2010

Breaking: DC United Offers Draft Picks

After hearing that the 2011 Draft Class is expected to be very deep, the DC United Front Office staff has issued the following press announcement:

DC United has draft picks. You know that you want them. We are looking for the following in trade: 1) Plane tickets for four and luxury hotel stay in Argentina (Expecting to travel between November through February); 2) Plane tickets for one to Africa; 3) Plane tickets for four to Europe, luxury hotel stay in Europe and 4 luxury box tickets to the Champion's League Final(Travel between February through May). We are accepting bids at our offices at RFK stadium. Note: We are not interested in your players, ours are much better than any you have to offer.

1 comment:

per head said...

Wow, whom wouldn't like to travel to all those Soccer destination. I would love to.