04 August 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Footage of 2004 meeting between Kevin Jong-il and Nowak!

WASHINGTON, DC: A well-placed source, who may or may not be a raccoon who regularly scavenges through the RFK dumpsters, recently provided us with security camera footage from a 2004 meeting between Kevin Jong-il and United's head coach at the time, Piotr Nowak. Though the footage is grainy, and the sound a bit off, the two can clearly be heard to discuss Freddy Adu's lack of playing time. Enjoy this exclusive, folks!

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Revelation said...

I totally stand with KP here. What did Nowak know about football? Did he oversee a team to four supporter shields, four MLS Championships, Two MLS Open Cup Championships, One CONCALAUGH Championship, and one Inter-American Cup? No, KP is clearly the better judge of talent.