10 June 2010

Breaking: Kljestan Interview

As we totally would have informed you first if we had actually posted it instead of forgetting, Sacha Kljestan is off to Belgium. He was unsuspectingly coming out of the hair salon when we totally ambushed him TMZ-Style and asked him some questions:

Q: What are you most looking forward to in Belgium?

A: French fries. I totally heard that they aren't actually from France but from Belgium. I'm so all over that.

Q: Really? Not the girls, the fame, the fact that Onyewu got picked up by AC Milan after playing in Belgium?

A: Dude, I'm like a total French Fry connoisseur. Did you know that there are 463 ways to make French Fries?

Q: No we did not. But really, about the football in Belgium.

A: There are the slow fry, flash fry, quick fry, deep fried, peanut oil fried, canola oil fried...

He went on for another ten minutes before getting into his 2010 Lexus with new car tags and driving off into the Los Angeles smog.

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