10 June 2010

Rumor: Local Fan to Sit in Basement for Match

After a surprising turn of events involving uncertainty about TV viewing options at an outdoor barbeque party, a local fan returns to his old faithful viewing location for the epic, pivotal, and ultimately life-changing US versus England World Cup match. His basement will provide the venue that will be remembered for this historic match, if in fact something historic happens such as England losing.

In a statement, the local fan said:
“I could do a bar in Baltimore, but there's the crowd factor, the driving home an hour or so after drinking and (probably) losing factor so it's less appealing. I doubt any places in Hanover will do anything special so I'll probably end up in the basement alone, drinking and swearing.”

The local fan rejected such long distance treks as Washington DC, New York, or even Philadelphia (probably due to the influence of the Sons of Ben upon the local soccer scene). He is committed to swearing and drinking throughout the match. At this stage, we believe he may be working out a in-game text message companion.

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