12 January 2009

San Jose "Superfan" Bemoans "Pathetic" Combine Coverage

Wurzlebacher: Combine-Bound?

Self-described San Jose Earthquakes "Superfan" John Ritzlesparger - who posts as "JohnnyQuakes" on BigSoccer and Free Republic - recently complained about the lack of extensive coverage of the MLS combine in the local and national media. In an email to MLS Rumors², which was also posted on the Big Soccer and Free Republic message boards, Ritzlesparger wrote:
I'm just so f'ing sick of the mainstream media ignoring the real story of this offseason: the MLS Combine. This is the single most important thing going on in American soccer right now, and they're just completely missing it!

It's f'ing typical of the East Coast liberal media elite to think that the real Americans at the combine aren't worth covering. The way they hate America makes me sick to my stomach. And for the record, I don't expect it to get any better now that Obambi is taking over. They'll probably switch all their soccer reporters over to covering midnight basketball leagues in places like Chicago and New York City.

We need to get Joe the Plumber to the combine as soon as he's done in Israel - maybe that would shame the libtards into giving the combine the coverage it deserves.

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You tell em' John!