24 June 2010

Latest: Rumors out of North Korea that the World Cup will be Cancelled!

According to our inside man, the United States has formed a coalition to end the World Cup early after North Korea shocked the world through defeating Brazil 2:1 and Portugal 10:7. These results have so surprised the western world and shown that through group effort and community and sacrifice, the most powerful country in the world can prevail over the coalition of capitalistic tyrannies. As a result, the third match for the brave North Korean Champions will not be televised.

MLS Rumors Rumors will be hot on the trail of truth in this regard.

Breaking update: Although the World Cup has been cancelled, a team of South Korean imposters donned North Korean uniforms and played a match, pretending to be our heroic team. The North Korean Federation protests this deception vigorously and condemns the captalist totalitarianism at fault. We only support the people's choice of football teams and the clear winner of the World Cup before cancellation was the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.


Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, it seems like no-one is reading this...maybe because of MLS. Waste of talent. You need to write about the MLB NBA or some other 3 letter acronym. PMS?

Agent 009 said...

Thank you for your interest in MLS Rumors Rumors. Although we appreciate feedback, suggestions that we cover your favorite league, YOUR FAVORITE LEAGUE HERE, will not be followed. There are already copious blogs covering those leagues.

While we here at MLSRR are baseball fans, MLB is easy to blog about, because you have to find something to do while a bunch of overweight juicers do nothing waiting for a pitch.

NBA? Fuck NBA. NBA is just a way of making athletes feel different from the rest of the TMZ milieu. They don't actually play "basketball".