27 May 2010

Update: Bradley Speaks About Roster

In looking to address fan's concerns about the 23 man squad selected to travel to the World Cup in South Africa, US National Team Coach Bob Bradley revealed that he was forced to make some selections.

"Look, if FIFA didn't have this number, this 23, I'd have probably only selected 16 or 17 of these guys. Some are clearly make weight."
Guzan: Better pack some Cup O' Soup, because Supper Is For Starters

However, in response to rampant speculation about the specifics, Bradley said only:
"I have no desire to out those individuals that would fall off the team if not required to bring 23. I don't traffic in idle gossip. I'm not a rumor monger. If you want to read that kind of trash, stick to MLS Rumors Rumors. That said, we haven't bothered assigning Robbie Findley a jersey number, and Brad Guzan won't even be issued a uniform at all. Those guys are more than welcome to eat with the team, though...well, breakfast anyway, and maybe lunch. Dinner, they're on their own, because Nike clearly stated that 'Supper is for starters and subs only,' so feeding guys like that, well, it's just not in the budget."


DCUinCT said...

I think Robbie Findley just got his number. Are you guys sewing it on?

EdTheRed said...

Oh DCUinCT, you're assuming that performance in matches will equate to playing time in S. Africa. Try telling that to Gringo Torres when he's rotting on the bench (again).