09 November 2009

Latest: K. Cooper sends apology

Kenny Cooper is having second thoughts about his recent comments to US National Team coach Bob Bradley & Son. According to a source that was recently in Munich, the bartender near Cooper's house claims that the US striker has expressed regret for rubbing his European success in Bradley's face. Being left off the US Roster for the upcoming friendlies in Europe, according to Goff's Blog, the big striker is mystified by the decision making process.

"I'm so much better than Cunningham. Look, he was nothing until I left Dallas and then all of a sudden he becomes something. And Eddie Johnson, when was the last time he scored a goal? I'm guessing he has trouble getting playing time on FIFA 2010."

Tough words for a man that hasn't scored in a league match since August and has found himself on the bench for the last four matches. You can be assured that we here at MLS Rumors² are going to be following this closely and writing all the news that we believe to be remotely true.


EdTheRed said...

Kenny would, like, totally be scoring in the league, but Jaime and Earnie won't pass to him...

Wait, what?

C-bus said...

I almost got pissed reading this stuff until I realized this is an MLS Rumors spoof. I love it.