25 August 2008

Goff sprains finger; out 3-4 weeks

Goff: not immune from DC's injury plague
The injury bug that has plagued DC United all season spread into the press box this Saturday, as ace Washington Post staff writer and Legendary Soccer Insider Steven "Goff" Goff sprained his left ring finger. He is currently expected to miss 3-4 weeks, but is flying to Munich, Germany today to consult with legendary surgeon Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck. In his absence, his slot will be filled by backup Paul Tenorio.

MLS Rumors² caught up with Goff on his way to Dulles airport: "It's a bit of a blur, but I think I sprained it typing the 's' in 'shutout'. I just haven't had to type that word much this season, and I think the long layoff really hurt me." When asked if this was all just a boondoggle to finagle a trip to Munich, Goff replied: "This interview is over."

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The Yankee Hooligan said...

Great stuff, Rumors squared. I like you better than your retarded cousin Rumors.