14 August 2008

Shocking Alert: MLS Rumors Rumors invaded by Eurosnobs!

One man's protest against Eurosnobbery at MLS Rumors RumorsWith alarming swiftness, Eurosnobbery has entered the underground headquarters of MLS Rumors Rumors.
One man's protest against Eurosnobbery at MLS Rumors²
Despite the name of the website, readers have been subjected to news from the outside world! Said one inquiring mind: "Look, I really only care about MLS. I mean those leagues in Europe don't even have playoffs? How can I take that seriously? What does the championship mean if it does not pit the top teams against each other at the end of the season in an elimination tournament? How can you declare someone the winner that beats Derby County, Reading, or Westmeath to win the title but loses to Arsenal, United, and Liverpool?"

Sources at MLS Rumors Rumors confirmed that eurosnobbery was taking hold.
"I saw one guy sporting a Liverpool scarf in his office but where is his MLS stuff? Nowhere to be seen! That guy talks a good MLS game but when it counts, he looks at us like a summer fling. Come August, he is all 'pool all the time."

1 comment:

dadman-san said...

Please say you're just takin the piss, eh? I mean, a 'pool scarf and a prawn sammich don't mean squat-all, right? His MLS bona-fides are solid, mate.

I think he's REALLY into the J-League, tho, wakarimas?